Sick Baby

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hard week at the Gallagher household: first ear infection, blazing fevers and a small bout of pneumonia. The smell of that pink medicine reminded both Patrick and I of our childhoods. Thank goodness we are towards the end and sweet Fi is back to her normal self. She is starting to pull herself up! So exciting and immediately terrifying, like most of motherhood I'm finding to be true. I want to pad all the floors and walls, and finding more and more things that are not quite baby proof.

I ordered some more BabyLit books, which are my absolute favorite. They are just so charming! Some day she will have the whole set and and I know soon after that she will already be reading them to me instead of the other way around. Can all this growing up slow down a bit?

There are just so many things I feel are flying by and I'm trying to remember them all. I took this shot of my favorite six month onesies before packing them away. This blog does help me remember little things, but I've committed myself to starting an actual baby book complete with milestone dates, hospital bracelets and special cards. If I'm writing it here, then I have to hold myself to it! I haven't found any that I like, so I'm venturing to make my own.