16 Months

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fiona says "nana" for banana and "gog" for dog this week. Of course she also says mama and dada, but not sure if she associates those names with us yet. She says dada a lot when she is happy and mama a lot when she is unhappy...hmm.

We ask her, "Do you want to go up to bed?" and she will start climbing the stairs! She loves carrying around this sugar bowl from her tea set from Aunt Becci, so I have been calling her Sugar Bowl Queen. We went to the downtown playground this weekend and it took her a little while to warm up, but she eventually starting climbing up things and running around on the wood chips. We were so proud of her!

She has been trying more foods lately and this week's favorites are guacamole on just about anything, and cannellini beans (she didn't like the rest of the ingredients of my white chicken chili!)

She is getting braver and more curious each day and she loves her dog, CeCe. She has been much more handsy with her so we have to remind her to be nice and pet softly.

She is just growing so quickly I can hardly keep up. My favorite thing is when I kneel down, often she will run in for a quick hug. I melt! We love her so so much.