Our Weekend

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fiona is crawling and pulling herself up everywhere these days. You wouldn't even know she had another ear infection! Poor girl can't get over this cold but nothing seems to slow her down.
We had a great weekend after I had a very difficult week at work. Fiona went to a Mom2Mom sale with the girls on Saturday and we bought lots of bunny themed books (for an Easter basket!) and of course clothes. This sale was crazy, people were packed in everywhere, everyone bumping into each other. Normally I don't like situations like that, but I did for discounted goods for ma girl! Pat's parents came for the afternoon and we went to a restaurant and Fiona just sat contently eating puffs the whole time and entertaining everybody with her wild arm gestures and baby bird babble.
Today we went to the state park again for a walk in the sunshine :)
I did another custom house portrait this week and I'm working on putting more drawings in my shop. I need some ideas for famous buildings to do!

And here is an adorable picture of our little sneaky helper. Look at those cheeks.

We've been trying more foods this month, solid bananas, solid sweet potatoes, pureed turkey and rice, pureed ham, and zucchini with broccoli. She really does not like the meats so far (doctor says it's the sodium), but girl cannot survive on puffs alone! She also likes to cross her feet when sitting on the floor, in her car seat, or in the high chair (a good time to trim those nails). I love those little piggies!