Fiona's First Christmas

Monday, December 28, 2015

We had such a family filled week with my mom and sister visiting us for Christmas day and a quick trip to Bay City to see Pat's family. We had all had a great time with lots of new memories. I was a little concerned about Fiona's mood since she is currently trying to learn to eat from a spoon, trying to crawl, cutting new teeth and still fighting her never ending cold. Girlfriend is busy. Her current crawling status is rotating around a full 360 degrees and scooting backward until she gets stuck in a corner or her legs get stuck under the couch! She was so sweet and cuddly and thank goodness she loves sucking her thumb because that appendage gets her through a lot. Patrick was able to have some time off work and we even went to see the new Star Wars movie. The holiday went so fast but we are excited to play with Fiona's new toys and sweet books. She got a lot of cute clothes, some rubber blocks, which she loves knocking down towers we build so she can chew on their edges. She also got a rocking horse and a stuffed bear that repeats everything you say back to you in a chipmunk voice! Michigan didn't have a white Christmas this year, but there is still plenty of winter left for Fiona to wear her snowsuit. We are so blessed to have this happy baby with us to make the holiday season so bright, and blessed to have a wonderful family who love her so much.

Mobility Squirm

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I wouldn't say we're that close to crawling, but we have some backwards wiggle movement going on. Fiona can slide backwards until she gets stuck in the corner and makes her struggle face. This makes CeCe pretty uncomfortable so I was amazed when I saw her laying so close on the floor this morning. Fiona officially passed the 7 month mark this week. She holds her hand out and babbles gagaga, bababa and dadada almost constantly (unless she has her thumb in her mouth or is busy holding her bottle herself!). We tried bananas this week with pretty much the same outcome. Just holding it in the front of her mouth, I'm not sure if she actually swallowed any! She still fits into 6 month tops, but has started wearing 9 month bottoms, she has long legs like her mama....cute, but harder to shop for.

The first week at the new daycare went great for Fiona and made my morning commute a little easier (win!) Besides really short naps, the teachers said she did fabulously and was pretty happy most of the day. We've been able to get some longer naps at home lately once we had a stroke of genius and decided to move her upstairs with the sound machine instead of downstairs in the play yard. And aHa, we should actually close her door all the way so CeCe can't get in there to wake her up. Why does it take so long to figure out these little obvious things?!

Holiday Photos

Thursday, December 10, 2015

So happy I took advantage of our two snow days last month!