My Own March Madness

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I've really been making an effort with my drawings this past months and was a featured vendor on Brickyard Buffalo, where I sold 40 custom house portraits in two days! They sold out much faster than I anticipated and I couldn't be more excited! My Etsy sales have also picked up from the exposure and they asked me back for next month! I love seeing photos of people's homes and hearing their favorites parts of the house, or this is the where we grew up and played in the yard. Each one is so different and I really love them all. I've worked my way through almost half of the portrait orders and these are some of my favorites.

You can see my shop on Etsy by clicking here: GallaDoodle

Photos from the Week

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not much news this week, just enjoying this taste of Michigan spring! The sun has been shining everyday and we have been playing outside every afternoon. Well, Fiona sits in her stroller, but CeCe is loving the extra frisbee time. I set Fi up off to the side like a queen's thrown watching the games. She claps and waves and it's so cute. One of her teachers at school said she waves through the window of the infant room when all the toddlers walk by. Hilarious!

Of course some festive pictures of her in her St Patrick's Day garb. I love this little bib my Aunt Kathy brought back from her trip to Ireland. Our little lucky charm :)

New Art in the Dining Room

Sunday, March 6, 2016

YAY Fiona doesn't have pink eye anymore!! And her ear infection medicine is over!
And her cough doesn't sound as bad lately! YAY YAY YAY!!

In other news, I finally did something with this enormous canvas I've been toting around since college (maybe before). It used to be blue with black birds on a wire, but now it is a subtle and beautiful abstract I made by layering about a million coats of paint on and brushing until I was happy with it. I want to build a frame for it with scrap from the shed, but that will probably have to wait until spring, so for now it is going to live in the dining room. It always feels good to move things around the house!