Two Years!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Our girl is two years old! She loves bubbles, blankets, and tucking in her babies. She is decisive, determined, and sweet as pie. She like her new tricycle, doll house, and train, but I think the water table from aunt Becci is her favorite! She repeats just about everything we say and I'm pretty sure she understands our lengthy conversations about animals, playing outside, and eating cupcakes. She stopped saying "dolshers" for shoulders, but started saying "cubby" for cuddle. I will correct her letters and numbers, but I will not correct her silly words! She is working on counting 1-5. She has trouble showing two on her fingers, but she's getting the idea. She at least knows five is more than one because when Pat asks her if she wants one or five M&Ms, she says five! She got a new stool to help mama at the counter and she loves to stand up there and make pizzas, frost cupcakes, and eat snacks. We love this little girl and are trying to hold on to these days before they slip away. Here's to two years, baby!

20 Months

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fiona got her tubes replaced and since then, she has been saying new words everyday! Sosh for lotion, which she is obsessed with rubbing on her hands. Ow for owl, faffle for waffle among others. She is obsessed with her touch and feel books, and of course, Brown Bear, Brown Bear. She likes to push around her doll buggy, but does not want anything to be in it. She has grown incredibly attached to her bunny, "goggin" and her blanket, "lankie". She is good at getting her winter hat on and can even do one mitten. She always takes them off in the car and then when I open the door, she puts her hands up and says "Go?" like where did they go, hahaha. Probably her most common word, Go!
She is showing early signs of  potty training, which is exciting and scary. She points to her diaper after she has gone, she does not like to be wet very long. She also likes to play with wipes, so maybe sometimes she tells us she needs a change just so she can try to steal one...
She is starting to prefer Pat for certain things, especially when she wants to read books. She runs to great us at the door and comes in for a hug which is just the sweetest, most awesome feeling for us. 
Love you, Ona bear!