End of October

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We had lots of family time this week! Grandma Marie came during Pat's days off so he could finish some work on the house. All the shutters are now hung and some of the new storm windows are up. Now I just need to start my fall clean up which will probably involve tearing our some eye sore bushes that are detracting from our mint and eggplant color scheme! The days are definitely getting cooler and more overcast, so we're trying to enjoy the nice weather while we can.

We went to Bay City for the weekend and I don't think baby got put down one time! We changed her schedule to six ounces every four hours and the change must have made her sleepy and more cuddly. All she wanted to do was suck her thumb and be held. She is doing great on the new schedule and this means I will only have to pump twice a day at work instead of three times. woohoo! Definitely a small relief since nursing has become very difficult at times.

We were able to make a short visit to see Pat's grandma Audrey. It's so neat to see Fiona reaching out more and wanting to touch everything. I love these little moments of her discovery!

And since it's Halloween week, we couldn't resist playing a bit of dress up with my Raggedy Ann doll. Fiona definitely chubbed up from the last time we had her in these doll clothes...and how cute are those tights?

We're starting to get a few more smiles during bath time and now that Fi is pretty good at sitting, we might have to graduate from the kitchen sink to the bath tub soon. I had her laying on my lap the other day and she sat up on her own using only her core muscles. She still doesn't like using her arms for very much and flips over pretty much immediately when put on her belly so she still has a ways to go before crawling...which I'm OK with...
 I had to run to Target to get some larger bottles and grabbed these adorable Christmas pajamas. I thought it was hard to resist impulse buying before, but it's like 1000x harder to resist baby stuff! 


Friday, October 16, 2015

I'm trying to find all the pockets of time I can just to enjoy the little moments of motherhood and not think about everything on our to-do list before winter comes. I love that Fi starts to laugh at things now, and not just from being tickled and that she is starting to reach for me when I pick her up out of her crib. Nursing has been better this week and I love the little sigh shes makes when she's dozing off. I noticed I have been holding her longer before setting her into her crib at night. Not for her, but for me not wanting to let go.
I have to say how lucky I am to have a husband you can always make me laugh. Even on the most exhausting days, he can crack me right up. Thanks for putting up with me, Pat. Also, you're getting pretty good at the crock pot, keep it coming!

New this week: how did aunt Becci get Fi to sit up like this?

We put Fi in the standing bouncer (with a book under her feet because she is still a little shrimp!). She wasn't quite sure at first, looking like she didn't want to touch anything, but once the lights and music started she was much more interested.
Oh Fiona, you make each day 10 times harder, but 1,000 times brighter.
And those cheeks...nom nom nom

This cross stitch portrait is about the only thing I was able to complete this week.
Let's get this weekend show on the road!

5 Months

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I hate to complain, but the last few weeks having been very trying. Fiona's bottom two teeth have been coming in and giving her fevers to send her home from daycare, work has been overly stressful and the house is undergoing a lot of small projects. Thank goodness for grandmas and aunts coming to save the day!
 Fi hasn't been too fussy overall, except when it comes to nursing. If it's not the very first or last feeding of the day, then it is a constant battle. Arching her back and fussing, slapping me and dragging her razor blade finger nails across my neck, biting me are making her too distracted to actually take much milk. She definitely prefers the bottle and lights up with glee when i show it to her. I've really been struggling to keep up with pumping at work and haven't been making enough to put any meat on those skinny minnie arms anyway. I think I finally feel comfortable relieving myself of some of the breastmilk duties and starting to rely more on formula. Hopefully it will ease some stress on me everyone! 
We have had several home projects going on all at one time and the house is currently a disaster. I can't wait to wrap them up so we can have our space back and just relax. I think I have constantly been feeling stressed because I always try to take on too much or it all hits at one time. It's hard for me to sit still sometimes and that is something I want to work on. I need to just take a breath and realize I am already doing enough.

Despite challenges with nursing and napping, Fi has been making new sounds everyday (cawing and growling, mostly) and she started to reach out for things and is doing great sitting and standing with assistance. I've moved her up to her 6 months clothes and she is quickly drooling her way through them! When she is not fussy, she always has a huge smile on her face and is cool to just chill. It's really amazing to watch how fast she learns and discovers things and to see her curiosity grow and grow. Time is flying so fast and I don't want to miss out on any little moment! Motherhood is truly the hardest and most rewarding things I've ever done. Coming home to her little gummy grin is the highlight of every day.
Mom, I am starting to realize all that you have sacrificed to give me everything.