End of October

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

We had lots of family time this week! Grandma Marie came during Pat's days off so he could finish some work on the house. All the shutters are now hung and some of the new storm windows are up. Now I just need to start my fall clean up which will probably involve tearing our some eye sore bushes that are detracting from our mint and eggplant color scheme! The days are definitely getting cooler and more overcast, so we're trying to enjoy the nice weather while we can.

We went to Bay City for the weekend and I don't think baby got put down one time! We changed her schedule to six ounces every four hours and the change must have made her sleepy and more cuddly. All she wanted to do was suck her thumb and be held. She is doing great on the new schedule and this means I will only have to pump twice a day at work instead of three times. woohoo! Definitely a small relief since nursing has become very difficult at times.

We were able to make a short visit to see Pat's grandma Audrey. It's so neat to see Fiona reaching out more and wanting to touch everything. I love these little moments of her discovery!

And since it's Halloween week, we couldn't resist playing a bit of dress up with my Raggedy Ann doll. Fiona definitely chubbed up from the last time we had her in these doll clothes...and how cute are those tights?

We're starting to get a few more smiles during bath time and now that Fi is pretty good at sitting, we might have to graduate from the kitchen sink to the bath tub soon. I had her laying on my lap the other day and she sat up on her own using only her core muscles. She still doesn't like using her arms for very much and flips over pretty much immediately when put on her belly so she still has a ways to go before crawling...which I'm OK with...
 I had to run to Target to get some larger bottles and grabbed these adorable Christmas pajamas. I thought it was hard to resist impulse buying before, but it's like 1000x harder to resist baby stuff!