Fiona's First Meal

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fiona is over six months now and we finally tried giving her some rice cereal. I really thought she would be all over the cereal because she is very interested in what we are eating now and even groans sometimes when she can't have any, but girl was not having it! We've tried both rice and oatmeal in the soupiest form, but she just contorts herself in every way possible to get away from the spoon. I thought this was going to be so exciting for her, but we will have to keep working at it. I've heard some people putting apple juice in the cereal to make it more appealing? If only she knew I am trying to prepare her for some mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving! She is however starting to hold her own bottle which is very exciting. The last couple weeks I have only been nursing in the morning and at night and have been slowly decreasing the amount I pump. I'm ready to have some aspect of my life back! It's hard deciding to stop breastfeeding because I always want her to have the best I can give her, but I reached my goal of six months and it has just become too stressful which isn't good for either of us.

In other news, Patrick finished the attic and I could not be happier that it is done! I'm going to ignore the fact that he is referring to it as his dressing room...

My mom came up for her birthday and we all went out to lunch with my sister and the boys she is a nanny for. The boys helped her eat that sundae, I think she had a great time with all the kiddos being there :)

CeCe has been attached at the hip the last couple weeks as the weather gets cooler and it's harder to play outside the way we normally do with her. I know she gets jealous of the attention the baby gets, but cooler weather also means longer bedtime snuggles! She has been very good with the baby as she is starting to reach out and touch her fur more and more. I can't wait until she reaches out for a hug!