Three Months and Baptism

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fiona was baptized today in the same church my sister and I were baptized in. It was really hot, but it was nice to see so many people that knew me when I was younger. Baby had a head cold, but she pulled through like a champ and was pretty content all day. She wore a gown that great grandma Audrey brought back from Ireland over thirty years ago. I stitched in the initials of everyone who has worn it: her dad, uncle, and four of her cousins. I'm not a pro at back stitching by any means, but I think it turned out kinda neat!

We came back to a little brunch and passed the baby around. We are very lucky to have a sweet family who love this girl so much. Of course I forgot to take pictures of any of their smiling faces...

This is all that was leftover from my budget brunch with all groceries from Aldi (our new obsession). No photos of any of the other food... the ham and cheese sandwich on a stick were gone in a flash!

Go figure the only photo I take of her the entire day was this; a second in the series I like to call Bloomers on the Head

 She is already turning over on her side, touching her toes and holding on to some toys. She pulled one of her hanging toys loud enough to play a song and I yelled to Pat in the other room, "You've gotta come see this!! She did it all by herself!!" Obviously I'm very proud of her genius motor skills. And since I never posted three month pictures, here are some new romper favorites.

And of course, some smoochin' with mama.