16 Weeks

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It really cooled down here this week so we got out the footy pajamas! She is already too big for size 3 month footies because she is so long. She is starting to fill out a little and not look quite so skinny and her baby thigh rolls are coming in! This week also brought a little shake up with my beautiful night time sleeper waking up at all hours again. She hasn't been nursing as well during the day, but I hope it is just a quick phase. Maybe she just wants the bottle instead? Of course I spend every night trying to figure out why she's waking up. Is she too cold? Is her belly not full enough? Is she just having a wild dream? Too much stimulation? And now I am that crazy mom who emails the daycare at 1:30 in the morning asking them if they could try harder to stay on her schedule...
We went to Bay City this weekend to visit Pat's family. It was too cold and rainy to go for a swim, so we played pass the baby around inside instead.

My days of working from home one day a week are over so I'm back at it five days in a row this week. I still don't know how working moms do it. Is it Labor Day weekend yet?