San Francisco

Friday, June 10, 2016

We have been so busy lately, I completely forgot to post any picture from our trip to San Francisco! We stayed downtown for four nights with some of Pat's friends and had a great time. You know first things first, I wanted to see some houses! We probably walked 8-10 miles each day, and my favorite was walking through the neighborhoods and whispering to myself, people actually live here! We walked from Fisherman's Wharf up to Lombard St (the most crooked street in America), walked all around Alamo Park where the Painted Ladies live and strolled through the different pockets to feast on the architecture. We definitely don't see this in the Midwest!

We took an open air bus tour around the city, saw the Golden Gate Bridge, and walked through Chinatown. Crossed over to the small resort town of Sausalito and spent time at the Golden Gate state Park, and took almost zero pictures of ourselves. Oh well, I got some great photos of some of the houses and when I plan on drawing some of them when I can find the time.

We spent time down by the piers, saw the sea lions and ate clam chowder from a sourdough bread bowl. We only had three full days there after travel time, but we packed a lot in!