Fiona's First Birthday

Sunday, May 8, 2016

We had the sweetest weekend celebrating Fiona's first birthday and Mother's Day. My mom and sister came over on Saturday and we had brunch and cake, opened presents, and played outside with Fiona's new wagon from grandma. On Sunday we went to visit Pat's family in Bay City and celebrated Mother's Day with Pat cooking brunch for everyone and another cake for Fiona. She got some more Beatrix Potter books, a Jelly Cat lovey, a radio flyer wagon, a swing for the tree, some toy cars, a sing a long book, a tea set, and of course, lots of cute summer dresses (and another mild case of pink!

We are more in love with this little beautiful girl more and more every day and love watching her learn new things. Her favorite activities include, feeding her food to CeCe, letting CeCe lick her hands, snugs with mama, tickles with daddy, carrying around her pants while jabbering, and now, using frosting as hand lotion.

To celebrate her actual birthday tomorrow, Fiona is staying home from school with Grandma because she woke up with her third case of pink eye today...If you need us, we will be busy washing our hands!