Early Toddler Life

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wow, I am really behind on updating for Fiona! I've been trying to squeeze in time for my drawings so much lately, that a lot of things have been pushed to the back burner. Some of these pictures are way back from May! Fiona started walking around the 13 month mark and hasn't really crawled much since then. She gets so excited and waddle runs everywhere with her mouth wide open. She still loves to be held and walked around, but now she constantly has her index finger out, pointing at all the things. She likes to make clicking sounds with her mouth and cracks herself up. She had a few rough weeks with a lot of ear pain and now she is getting in some more molars, but for the most part she is a funny, happy little kid. She has always loved to play peek a boo, but now she likes to peek out from behind walls and it is so funny.
Fiona is eating all kinds of things now, she loves veggie straws and tortellini! She has tried popsicles, but hasn't quite figured out how to eat them. Blueberries are a go too, as well as peas.

She likes to play in the tree swing and play with toys on a blanket, but still will not touch the grass. She loves to play what I call "bed crashers" where she just throws her self around on the bed and into pillows and just laughs and laughs. I swear she grew an inch over night, but her feet are still tiny :)

We have done a bit more baby proofing since she can now climb up an entire flight of stairs by herself...this phase is so fun and she is so adventurous but its also scary for me when she tumbles and falls all the time. She is a good sport and I should learn from her, because she gets right back up again and keeps going.