One Week from One Year

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fiona is only one week away form turning One! This little girl is turning into a toddler more and more everyday. This weekend she learned how to blow a kiss and give a high five. She isn't walking yet, just with assistance. She has stood on her own for a quick second a handful of times. She looks so surprised and proud when she does it. She is fascinated by bookcases, but I have them packed in so tight so can't pull them out. I did have to remove all the old book jackets because she could tear pieces off and put them in her mouth...
She doesn't have a favorite lovey yet, but she loves to carry around her socks and pants while she's crawling around. Sometimes I'll put them in her crib with her if she is still clutching them :)

Our Rhododendron is blooming! Aside from a few tulips, this is the only color we have in the yard and I love seeing it everyday. We have been able to spend more time outside and are enjoying the wagon from Grandma Marie! We just need to get the canopy or figure out how to keep a sunhat on her head :)

I have been busy doing house portraits any time I can squeeze them in. Fiona goes to bed so early so when I get home from work I spend my two hours with her and then get right to work after her bedtime. I work for a couple hours and then try to watch a show with Patrick before bed. Currently we are watching Shameless on Showtime. One of the characters is named Fiona Gallagher!

I went to a mom sale on Friday night and got a jogging stroller which I've already taken for a spin and love! It is so much smoother than our current one and the canopy comes down a lot further so it shades Fiona's whole face. I also bought a ton of cute summer dresses and rompers that I can't wait to put her in. Bring on the warmer weather!  

Today I'm going to soak up this baby while I try to get a few things together for her birthday.
Also, how cuddly is she??