11 Months

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wow, it's been a while since I updated and Fiona is already 11 months old and we have been buying birthday presents for a one year old! This little muffin is turning more into a toddler everyday and I love it so much. Of course I am always sad to pack her tiny clothes away, but this month I feel more excited than sad. She is babbling non stop, eating all new foods (when she is not leaning over to give her food to CeCe), and will walk across the room with our help! I picked up this fur hat at a mom2mom sale a little while ago and I think it's finally safe to say we can put it away until next winter. Now she has a fur hat to match her daddy's!

I so love this photo of her messy hair in the bath, I blew it up using the engineer prints at Staples for less than 8 dollars. It's just a cheap black and white on thin paper, but I think it looks great in this frame at the top of the stairs. When Pat took her up to bed the other night he was saying goodnight to all the things; goodnight bathtub, goodnight dog, goodnight giant picture of you... hahahahaha

I love this picture of Fiona because she is just contently playing by herself and picking out the toys she likes. She looks like such a big girl already. So independent, right?

We are always cracking up at the faces she makes when she's eating or when she gets excited, and it is so fun to watch her figure out new toys. Thank you for the new shape sorter, Aunt Becci! Is she doing it right?

In other news, I've had a few orders a week coming in on my Etsy shop for custom house portraits and I am still finishing up some orders from the first Brickyard Buffalo feature I did last month. I am going to do another BB feature starting Monday, so it's going to get bananas busy again. Thanks in advance for all your extra help around the house, Patrick!

It is supposed to be sunny and 70 this weekend in Michigan, so girls are going outside!