Sunday, November 29, 2015

So far motherhood to me is:
Literally not being able to stop kissing those squishy cheeks.
Obsessing over the temperature in the house.
Dancing around the kitchen to keep her from crying while waiting for the bottle to warm up.
Laying in bed at night wondering if I should go in there.
Tip Toe-ing everywhere.
Breaking down and buying something called the Snot Sucker.
Being satisfied with a solid 5 hours of sleep.
Taping the dog's tags together so they don't jingle when she jumps off the bed in the middle of the night (genius, Pat!).
Carrying a lot of extra bags.
Going to Target twice in one day because I got the wrong kind of bottle.
Feeling proud when she lasts all day in the same outfit.
Getting my hair pulled by those tiny fists and getting scratched by those razor blade fingernails.
Being so proud that she can prop up on her arms by herself and at the same time being instantly terrified that she will start crawling soon.
Roasting sweet potatoes for the first time ever. I don't even like sweet potatoes.
Feeling so heartfull when I pick her up from day care and she smiles at me right away.
Being thankful everyday for a healthy, babbling baby girl.