Fiona Pearl Gallagher

Monday, May 11, 2015

After a surprise induction on Friday, Fiona was born Saturday May 9th at 3:04am. She was 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 19 1/2" long. I went for my routine doctor appointment for my 39 week visit and mentioned that I hadn't felt as much movement this past week so the doctor ran some tests. During the ultrasound, she didn't see much fluid, so she sent me over to triage. They ran some more tests and decided to induce. Pat rushed home from Lansing and met me at the hospital. 12 hours later, we were staring at this little face.

My favorite picture of all time. It's so hard to know how you're going to feel when you first meet, but of course it's love at first sight. We just kept saying how full we felt inside and how surprised we were by it. I always joke that I am not a baby person and have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm not as intimidated about figuring it out anymore. I must be in the euphoric baby high stage!

We stayed at the hospital until late in the afternoon on Sunday to make sure we got the hang of breastfeeding before we left. Nobody warned me about how painful and challenging it would be! We were excited to get home and introduce CeCe to her new sister. Pat went in first and took her out for a short walk while I brought Fiona inside. Then when CeCe came back to the house, she went right up to her and kissed her face. I can't wait for more moments like this.

I love this yawning face even though she looks like she's crying. She makes the cutest expressions and I could just stare at her and listen to her coo in her sleep forever. I feel like I have to kind of mock myself for saying these things because I never understood it when people would talk about their own babies the same way.

Fiona Pearl, we love your messy brown hair and blue eyes that are deep like the sea.
Welcome to our world!