39 Weeks

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ahhhh! 39 weeks! So many mixed emotions flying around. I've had pretty much zero signs of labor so I'm looking forward to my appointment on Friday to see if I've progressed at all. Mostly I just feel like I'm carrying around a bowling ball and I'm the newest addition to the penguin exhibit with all this waddling. I'm fortunate that I am able to work from home until the baby arrives, but I'm hoping it doesn't make me go stir crazy being in the house. It's definitely a lot more comfortable than sitting in the office all day. Leggings and bare feet for the win! Plus, I get to look at this:

We're still in the middle of a long list of house wishes, including finishing the attic space off the bedroom. With warmer weather it's not hard not to get the project itch.We have lots of veggies planned for the garden this year...I guess Pat thinks he' going to have some time on his hands. Ha!  It's a good thing we have gotten a few baby carriers so we can wear baby girl all over the place :)

With one week until due date, here's hoping she's not too fashionably late. And a special thank you to my mom who sent me these beautiful "Mother To Be Day" flowers!