31 Weeks

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finally feeling some warmer weather and CeCe and I are trying to spend as much time outside as possible. Throwing frisbees and sitting in the sun on the back porch every evening this past week. It was my turn to bring treats for a coworkers birthday, so i whipped up these delicious cupcakes completely from scratch! I must have time on my hands while Pat is working in Lansing. I made the flags out of some leftover scrapbook paper and toothpicks and they turned out adorable.

Pat and I went to a Baby Care Basics class this morning and the instructor said "Some people have never even held a newborn!" in a can you believe it sort of way. I wanted to raise my hand, guilty! No really, give me all the information! It was mostly powerpoint and handouts, but at the end we practiced swaddling and dressing the baby dolls, so now I'm practically a pro.

I got this stretchy floral dress at Old Navy and its so comfortable I wish I could wear it everyday. Nobody will say anything, right? In nursery news, I moved some plants in there, mostly to get some light, but I love the way they look so they might have a new home. Still looking for a headboard for the twin bed that will stay in there, but the room is pretty much complete. Well except for not really having any baby things in there yet...

Two months to go and I'm starting to slow down and feel tired already. I guess I should get used to it?