19 Weeks

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Loves to suck on her toes, no mind to socks or not.
Is cutting her first tooth, bottom front right (how is this happening already??)
Still only likes sleeping for about 18 minutes at a time during the day.
Has been waking up once in the night, I think this must be a growth spurt thing? I hope!
Can roll over back to belly, but chooses not to.
Can hold her head up longer and use her arms to prop.
Smiles and kicks whenever she sees a smiling face.
Still can't make it through a walk in the stroller without falling asleep. Unless we stop, moving that is.
Loves to lay and cuddle in the big bed while mama kisses her cheeks.
Loves her bouncy chair and putting everything in her mouth.
Has traded spitting up with drooling.
Loves smiling at that baby in the mirror.
Still rocking that sweet baby mullet.
Looking more like her daddy.

We love you little Finny-kins!