Two Months

Monday, July 13, 2015

Fiona girl is already over two months old and this sleeping through the night thing seems to be sticking around. Naps tend to be shorter during the day and she is awake longer, but usually a happy girl until the evening when she takes a quick ride on the fuss bus to frown town...
We made our first trip to Ohio last week, just me and the girls! Luckily they slept the whole car ride and when we arrived I handed them right over to grandma :) CeCe was on guard protecting the baby from the neighbors walking past and from all our visitors, so when we got home she was so exhausted, she hid in her crate for some peace and quiet.

Fiona still loves to be changed but she kicks so much, she's out of control! Feet right in her poop.

I only have three more weeks left of my maternity leave and I'm already getting nervous. Fi doesn't like taking a bottle and the few times we've left her she barely ate anything. Pat had her for about 8 hours while I went out of town for a bridal shower and she didn't eat at all. He had to put on ear protection because the poor thing wouldn't stop crying :(
It's a good thing she likes the new baby carrier, we may be wearing it for days at a time.