Living Room Update

Sunday, January 25, 2015

After the Christmas tree came down, this room felt empty and boring so I added a gallery wall mixed with some of my drawings and various prints form online sources. The colors are pretty neutral so they don't compete with the television. I also have been playing musical rugs as I got a new one that will hopefully hide dog hair better and be easier to clean. The old living room rug now lives in our bedroom after a lot of shimmying to get it under the bed. I ignored Pat when he asked "didn't we just do this?"

I got the idea for the striped candles from this blog. I just used black washi tape over some old tapers to bring them some updated funk. I made the pom pom garland out of leftovers and the chalkboard was made from an old map drawer. I have some new crafts and things to play with for the baby's room. Maybe next weekend :)