18 Months

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wow, it has been 2 months since I added an update here! Life has been so crazy, but our little girl has been making us smile and laugh every day. She loves to play outside now and cries when we have to come in. She moved up to the toddler room at school and does all the big kid things like drawing, music class, and playground time. She knows to come in and sit down so we can help her take off her shoes! She loved the donuts at the cider mill and carrying her "boo bucket". She had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease the week leading up to Halloween, so she didn't get to come to work for our Boo Bash, but she still dressed up at home and at grandma's house as a kangaroo! she loved it once she realized she could put things in the pouch :) She is getting into the make believe stage and likes to play with her fridge I made out of a cardboard box. She carries around bowls and stirs in them with tiny spoons. And she LOVES to talk on the phone. She will turn anything into a phone and just bladabladablada away, it cracks us up every time! She is giving CeCe a lot more attention and wanting to hug her or press heads together. She also just became attached to her lovey, the white bunny. We are trying to set rules for where she can take it, but so far we get a mini tantrum every time we take it away. That attachment happened REALLY quickly!
She runs to the fridge and whines when she is hungry and also will pat her diaper when she is messy. We ask if she needs a change and she will go lay down on the floor in front of our changing station! She likes to climb the stairs when it is bed time and MUST brush her teeth, it's pretty cute (she just chews the bristles and sucks in the bubblegum toothpaste). We had our first tub poop the other night too....

She is currently working on stacking her blocks as I type this, another task she gets very proud of. It is so fun to watch her master new skills. Meal time is sometimes our least favorite time of day because she gets picky and throws all the food to the dog, but on days when she eats well, it seriously makes me so happy.

We love you so much Fiona bird, we can't believe you are already 18 months!