Saturday, January 16, 2016

How cute are these little piggies? 

The picture below really cracks me up even though she is totally wiping out. She is lazy and likes to slide on the hardwood floor. I missed her first few movements that could actually be labeled crawling while I was at work. Patrick sent a video that brought me to tears because I was so upset I was missing it. I guess there's not much else that can embarrass me at work now that I've sobbed in front of my entire team! I know most parents work full time, but some days it is so hard and seems like cruel torture. I know stay at home moms are always defensive about how much work they do around the house (and they do a lot!), but they are also incredibly lucky that they don't have to cry at their desk because they are missing these milestones. When I got home she was over tired and cranky and so was I. She has had a few more good runs this weekend, but it is so hard to catch them on video because she always stops to look up at the camera. She is working so hard this week and I know she will get the hang of it so soon.

I've been busy adding more drawings to my Etsy shop, trying to get them in while Fiona is sleeping. She really tires herself out trying to crawl!