Baby Fi is 3 Weeks

Monday, June 1, 2015

Well this week we had a sort of disaster in the upstairs bathroom. The drain pipe for the tub cracked and Pat had to tear up the tile floor. The marble floor we put in ourselves last year. Now we have a toilet and pedestal sink hanging out in the hallway and all the toiletries stacked up in the powder room downstairs. Middle of the night bathroom runs got a lot trickier. Gah!

Fi has been making so many more facial expressions and just cracks us up when she is in her active sleep state with her eyes closed but kicking and moving all around. She has been reaching out for more things and looking around, sometimes making eye contact. Or at least we think she is looking in our eyes :) Her awake time is increasing which throws me off because I'm used to her sleeping all the time, but we are trying to get a schedule going. If I stay up late and wake up early, I only have to get up once in the middle of the night! 

It's hard to capture all the cute faces she makes, but here at least I caught the beginnings of a smile.

I want to try and make my own baby book to keep all her cards, her hospital bracelets and other momentos in, but its been hard keeping up with this blog, so a scrapbook may be pretty ambitious...
I love this book, so I may just pull the trigger on it.